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Cape Verde Blue Marlin Fishing 2017 – part 3

Cape Verde Blue Marlin Fishing 2017 – part 3

In mid-June, we started with Matt and Guy from the States. Matt has fished with us a few times on Bazaruto and he has always been lucky on his Marlin Fishing, both on numbers and size on the Baz Black´s.

On the other hand, his mate Guy was on his first ever Marlin Fishing trip.

Seeing the wind eased down a tad and it had been rather slow the last few days down the south and eastern end, we decided to fish the north and, although unlucky that our conversion was not the usual, we had a great time, raising 3 for the day and releasing a solid 600.

Mid-morning, we had a 200-rat come on the long right grander teaser but the fish never switched. Before noon we had another one, this on looking about 400 plus come hot on the same teaser and jumped on the switch. But, as we rarely had done till then, we missed it on the pitch and looked that the fish had actually rolled on the aggressive bite and got wrapped on the leader.

The last fish come in at 2pm and this one switched perfectly and Matt got strapped into the stand-up harness to fight this difficult, dodgy deep fighting fish that gave him a real workout on what was, by now, very uncomfortable conditions. Just over the hour mark we finally got the leader and released Matt´s first ever Marlin on Stand-up at 600 pounds.
















The next few days where real slow and although we raised a few fish they had become real lazy and lethargic and just crashing on the teasers and not hanging around or taking a swipe at the lure and fading.

Looking around to see if we could find some better numbers, seeing no one did, we spent a couple nights at St. Antao and even fished the NW bank, but unsuccessfully.


It´s not all about the Marlin Fishing and spending some time in Tarrafal on the Island of St. Antao is a remarkable experience that takes you back in time. Getting to the beach is done on small wooden rowing boats and an adventure when the shore swell is heavy.









Some game fish species caught on the rappies on the way out to the fishing grounds….

On the guys, last day we were worried not we still had not got a first fish for Guy but coming back from St. Antao, just past Jurrasic park on the way north we had a 200 come on the Blue Breakfast left teaser which switched perfectly and Guy got into his first ever Marlin.

Once again, an awesome way to finish it off with a couple of great guys…









Next up was Leon, Wessel and Josephus from South Africa. I had first met Leon when he came to Bazaruto a few years back with his mate Theo on their first ever Marlin trip. That trip was a blast when they got 7 out of 11 marlin in two and a half days fishing, the biggest a 650 Black and a 500 Blue.

Last December Leon had brought his two boys to Bazaruto to try and get them their first Marlin. However, last year water warmed up unseasonably early and we had a shorter season than ususal and their Marlin fishing was not up to the usual Bazaruto Standards. They did have some great light tackle fishing on a large variety of species. At was at that time that I mentioned we had a cancelation in Cape Verde and they grabbed the opportunity.

Well right on the first day Josephus got his first ever Marlin, a 300-pound blue that took the pitch. It was a difficult fish seeing it got tail wrapped and Josephus did an absolutely brilliant job bringing it as fast as possible for a healthy release.

We decided to go to Santo Antao after that and had a slow time there. It was back to the south and it seemed that Sao Pedro was finally starting to hold some fish. On our fourth day, we had a bite on the lure very early morning and Wessel got into the chair.

This time he had a big YFT tuna which weighted about 140 pound and gave us an awesome seared tuna dinner.


It´s not all just Marlin fishing…

Not long after we had a nice 500-pound fish come on the teaser, do a perfect switch and this time Leon got in the chair. It was a nice hour fight but we eventually released the fish for his first ever Blue.








The next day dawned flat calm and it was absolutely beautiful as we put the lures out at Sao Pedro with a lot of skipjack showing on top of the back. Despite that it was pretty slow for the all fleet and absolutely nothing happens until after midday when out of the blue we have a crash strike and hook up on the lure.

Wessel the only one not to have caught a Marlin jumps in the chair and starts fighting what is clear a really nice and strong fish. No-one had seen the fish on the bite and we go no jumps but after taking 500 meters until we turned and chased and then dodging deep under some pretty heavy drag it was clear this was no Rat.

After 45 minutes Wessel finally brought the fish into leader distance and we released a healthy and fat 600 plus pounds.









Unfortunately, our last day with the Fourier´s and our last for the season in Cape Verde in 2017 did not produce a Marlin but we did get a couple fish to make a nice farewell dinner.











The Grander from BlueWater Lures was probably our most consistent teaser. The BB Blue Breakfast was also very successful as was the Mr. Big from BlueWater, the SmashBait from Aloha, the Mars from Makaira Lures and a few others….


Marlin Fishing pitch style!!!
A circle hooked rigged ballyhoo with a Pulsator chugger ready for the pitch…
The best in the F(//$# World…



It´s not all about the Marlin Fishing or just catching fish but doing it with some really nice people just makes the experience more enjoyable a hundredfold.
Not only sharing it with our wonderful guests but also having a optimistic and similar minded crew that keeps the positivity going at all times.
Thanks for the good time Matthias, Luis & Papao…..it was a pleasure!!!

Duarte A. M. Rato

Sportfishing Charters @ Vilankulos & Bazaruto Archipelago

Email:         dudas7mares@gmail.com

FB:             MarlinMoz Sportfishing   &      fishbazaruto.com

Skype:          duarteamrato

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