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Mozambique fishing – Aug ´18 Baz Report

Mozambique fishing – Aug ´18 Baz Report

As was normal but rather unlike the last four years, when the winds have shifted towards the end of September and October (right into the thick of things), this August was once again pretty windy, but still once again a great Mozambique fishing month.

From their early first peak in May this year, nice size wahoo are still around and numbers and size´s should come up as we go into September. The Yellowfin come in thick towards the end of the month and these are welcome Marlin Jellybeans this time around and making the most of the present light tackle catches as we go into September. There are still a good number of sailfish around which have dropped with the off color conditions the last couple of weeks. . There has also been loads of bonnies, some kingies on the jig (mainly yellow spotted), some size crocodile cuda and a good diversity inshore.

Last year we had an a amazing run of small Black Marlin in August (press here to see last year´s August Report) and this year there as been a few small and medium size fish seen and caught as well. Hopefully a good omen for things to come for our iminent heavy tackle season…it certainly was last year!


Mozambique Fishing – Vamizi´s Alex showing off a good wahoo which have been having a steady run since early May off the Bazaruto Archipelago. This should continue as we start the heavy tackle Giant Black Marlin Season in the next few weeks.





Mozambique Fishing – Sailfish have a been around in fairly good numbers all winter and although they should start to subside now a few are expected to be caught as by catch during the Marlin Season to come…

















But, as good as Mozambique fishing can be, August was most of all a tragic month for the loss of Kas Vd Merwe, a gentleman and a true lover of the sea who left this world a few days ago.

I have known Kas for many years now and decked for him aboard Black Watch out of Richard´s bay for a number of times. We also had a mutual love for Madeira and Santa Carolina, where he had a venture many years back.

The main picture in this report is a tribute to Kas – a Blue, probably the biggest on his boat, we caught and released during the RB Billfish Classic. That fished torn me apart like no other on the leader for what was a tug of war lasting many long minutes – and I will never forget the laughs from Kas and the rest of the crew as I was literally torn apart and then collapsed on the deck, farting and panting, after we released her. I know Kas had second thoughts on doing so, she was right up there and I will never forget that special day, or the warm way you always received me with open heart.

Most of all I appreciated your solid integrity…

You will be forever remembered as a true legend, a solid gentleman, a kind soul and a lover of the Ocean and it´s roaming fish…

Fair sails on the endless sea my friend…



Winter is also Whale season in Mozambique and no other month normally delivers them in such spectacular fashion as August and September and this year was no exception. Every single day, day after day we saw dozens of Humpbacks´s out on the Ocean and even in between the Islands.

Breaching, pectoral fin slapping, spy hoping, tail slapping or just chilling on the surface with their young, they provide an awe inspiring sight which just makes the all experience for our guests so much richer. Every year there´s more and more of them and this place is truly blessed and one can literally guarantee sighting on a daily basis – and normally lots of them!


Mozambique Fishing – it’s not all about catching, but spending quality time offshore and spectacular daily sightings of acrobatic and playful Humpback whales makes June to October a very special time to fish Vilankulos and the Bazaruto Archipelago















Because we´ve been extremely busy the all year, had some personal errands to take care and ´cause it´s wise to have a beak before the Mozambique fishing Bazaruto Heavy Tackle Season starting mid-September, we did not personally take many charters out for the month but did a fair number of groups fishing with us either from Vilankulos or Bazaruto.

We started the month with Colin and a group of really cool Chinese that stayed at VDP and fished with us from Vilankulos aboard the 38ft Game Changer. Conditions were still pretty placid by then and we had some great calm weather days with beautiful looking water that produced some good light tackle fishing on tuna, wahoo, bonnies, trevally´s, dorado, sailfish and missed a couple small Blacks.

Then we had another three groups which fished with the boys out of Bazaruto and one out of Vilankulos and all of them got some sailfish and the usual gamefish. Some of them wanted to get something big and feel some heavy tackle something quite easy to produce if you not to fussy…and right there you hooked into mother Africa in the form of a massive Zambezi (Bull) or one of the many other shark species which are plentiful around the Archipelago.


Mozambique Fishing – what it’s all about, a good time and big smiles by the charter at the end of it all!














Having a great time Grant Wallenberg, had a terrific trip. He mostly wanted to do some light tackle spinning and jigging, and had some terrific sessions with lots of small kingies, quennies, cuda, rainbow runner´s, green jobfish, snappers, garfish, profigal son and bonnies. However, lady luck was smiling at him and trolling in between while moving from one spot to the other he not only released some wahoo of which the biggest was close to 30 kilos, he also released a couple of sailies, a small Black and pulled hook´s on a 400-pound fish on #30 after a gruesome hour fight.

By mid-month the wind started howling constantly from the northerly quarters and by the end of it, and as it happens, the water had turned green and the exceptional surface activity we saw the all month started to fade. With off color, not many sailies and Marlin where connected to and the wahoo almost disappeared but the action did not slow down seeing YFT moved in in great numbers.

This last week we had Doug Bates from the UK. His sister Jude lives in Vilankulos and Doug visits her and the family every two years an always put in some time for some outings. He invited the exended family including the kids to come out on the first day aboard Game Changer and it was a treat to see the wonder as the kids caught fish after fish and delighted in some truly memorable whale sightings.

On our best day, we caught / released 21 Yellowfin Tuna plus a few bonito and a couple yellows potted trevally´s. Really exciting stuff with up to quintuple hookup´s at the time making for great fun.


What is interesting is how early this northerly brought in the heat. One can feel winter is over and the air and water temperature are already as warm as late September last year. The last few days we have seen unusual hammerhead sharks on the surface, something which normally only starts happening in a month’s time and we all know what that means J

Bring it on…

Now it’s time to get boats ready and the heavy tackle out of its long hibernation to for the three month, back to back, Heavy-Tackle season.

The time we wait for yearlong and in a few weeks, we shall be out there daily, probing the Bazaruto Archipelago for mother Tu-Tu…

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Until then…



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