SCA School blues in Vilankulos

SCA School Blues in Vilankulos

SCA School blues in Vilankulos

SCA School blues in Vilankulos: Please click on the link below, to see the video presentation.


SCA SCHOOL in Vilankulos – Mozambique, needs your help! 

It’s been tough times for all of us but sometimes there are things which are harder than others. For us, the tough of losing this very exceptional school is certainly one of them. Not only for what it will happen to us directly but for the Vilankulos community and all its beautiful children.

Please scroll down and see the video and, if you could spare any donations to help this school survive these tough times it would be highly appreciated.

SCA School

Southern Cross Academy (SCA) is a small, secular, non-profit primary school that offers a high-quality education in English and Portuguese. Local fundraising events and donations usually supplement the budget so that fees can remain accessible to diverse families.

Over the last 6 months, coronavirus related shut-downs have left us in a dire situation. Many parents are leaving and others are without income, and unable to pay school fees.

Furthermore, we have not been able to host our regular big fundraising events. We still need to pay teachers (who have been teaching through videos and work packs during the state-of-emergency), guards and other staff. We are now facing a budget shortfall for 2020 that is seriously endangering the survival of SCA. That’s why we need your help to save this amazing school!

Immediate Goal  –  $10,650 

We need $10,650 to keep the school running until the new school year when there will be an intake of new children that will balance the budget. Any additional funds raised over the target will roll-over to improve the school in 2021.

The vision for 2021

Financial Aid Programme

Open to low-income local children who are interested in Southern Cross Academy but can’t afford the fees of $1,875 per child per year/ $15,000 for a complete primary education (Reception through seventh Grade).  We have seven spots for potential students looking for sponsors! If you are interested in supporting this programme or have ideas for how to grow it, please contact us directly.

Please help us spread the word so that we can meet our goal!

Thank you for helping and sharing.


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