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A few more first timers for season´s last fishing days…

A few more first timers for season´s last fishing days…

Here´s a short report of the last fishing days for the season where we still got a couple of Marlin for first timers. As per Duncan´s trip which we reported here (see link below) conditions where hard as water temperature kept rising but at least the water was beautiful and blue and the sea very calm but last few days been extremely hot.

Here´s a day-to-day account of the season´s last fishing days…

VAMIZI          06.12.21          BAZARUTO ISLAND

1 from 1 today on a #200 on a short day.

The fish went for the Black over Red (Capt. Morgan) Bonito Smoker from Pulsator Lures.

Capt. Morgan on Veleiro was the only other boat out there and also got 1 from 1 on a similar size fish.

Tail´s up and Bazaruto´s south sand dune in the background. We fish so close to Land in what must be one of the most beautiful settings one can Marlin fish… more spectacular for me was only Bom Bom!!


VAMIZI          07.12.21          BAZARUTO ISLAND

2 from 2 today on a parlor of a day with a breeze from the NE and Blue water.

Great guys from Holland for just one day and we got 74-year-old Yuap Bac his first ever Marlin @ #300 and then Daniel Bac got a little one.

One fish on a lure and the other on the skip bait.

Has it´s been most days very cool bait session early this morning with many species but most importantly some good size queenies for the swim baits.

IBO went 1 from 2 on the swim bait on a #200.

Pic from the archive as both fish were non jumpers today!!!!

Another 2 Marlin virgins got their first aboard Vamizi while fishing seasons last fishing days
VAMIZI         08.12.21          BAZARUTO ISLAND

0 from 1 today, nice fish looking north of #700 came up on one of those big quennies swim bait we caught yesterday.

Was there for ages then faded. 

Came back again and after a while it finally whacked it but there was no pick up!!!

Really sad we did not get Harry Kitner his first fish and would have been EPIC to finish it off with another good one.

Bait session in the morning was epic again, could have been a slaughter but we had plenty and made it short.

Last fishing day

Out with Wessel Stander who worked at the lodge as a dive Instructor about 17 years ago. We have always kept in touch and he brough his wife and kids to see the resort and for a nice holiday.

Flat calm out there but when I saw the temperature had climbed more than a degree overnight and now over 28c it was not a good sign.

It was pretty slow and we never saw one but did have a popping and jigging session at 9 mile and got some nice fish including a GT and a big Bohar Snapper.

Our last fishing day for the season, the 9thn December was with Wessel who did not get a Marlin but did get a big Bohar Snapper while light tackle jigging and a GT while popping.


On the 10th December our second boat IBO went out for 3 fishing hours and while fishing game fish in 35 meters of water had two lures on the longs and went 2 for 2 on Black Marlin…


The next day Vamizi went out, also fishing a half day with resort guests and released a sailfish and lost a Black Marlin. Even with exceedingly warm water and with the main season there is always something happening at Bazaruto and Black Marlin can realistically be targeted year-round of the Archipelago and we have literally caught them year round including fish over #500 pounds in 9 different months of the year.


And that´s it for the Season, a real cracking one and we will shortly write a season report.

Until then all the best, good holidays, Merry Christmas and happy new year…

Duarte A. M. Rato

Sportfishing Charters @ Vilankulos & Bazaruto Archipelago



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